We Do Love a Fun Road Trip, Vintage Inspired Of Course!

One of our favorite pastimes is to get together with our vintage inspired friends and go on a road trip. Sometimes to The Horse Race Track,  Santa Catalina, or just antiquing and enjoying the day. Here’s some photo’s of past trips.


Gina and I at Santa Anita Race Track, built in the 1930’s the track is completely restored as it was when Horse racing was one of the nations most popular sports


It’s hard to find parking together, so sometime you just have to make it!


Parked outside the Antique malls in Temecula California.


We found a beautiful old park along the way to rest the cars and passengers.


Some were a bit highbrow, 1938 Cadillac complete with Chauffeur


The whole gang, with their cars.


Rolling down the highway is amazing when every window you look out of is a vintage car.

10685464_812519608771298_770995796091173740_n DSC00405

 DSC00835Gives us a chance to show off our fancy duds too!


Taking over the Wig Wam Motel on Route 66. Vintage pool party later that evening.



Until the next trip, Happy Motoring!

Rita Hayworth Combines Exercise with Fun on a Bicycle Picnic to the Woods


“Not all Hollywood relies on Terry Hunt to keep fit. Rita Hayworth, for instance prefers to take her bicycle exercise not on a table but on a real bicycle on the open road. On June 23, the starlet who scored in Only Angels Have Wings and is in Ben Hecht’s forthcoming Before I Die rounded up three society friends from Pasadena for a wheel through the canyons behind Westwood. The girls took their time, covered ten miles in three hours, had lunch in the woods, were mildly alarmed when Rita ran into a canyon wall and scraped her arm. On the road, however they passed scores of weekend cyclists peddaling away for dear life, some covering as much as 100 miles a day in the bicycle craze that has swept the West Coast.”

Article from Life Magazine, July 15, 1940


Actress Rita Hayworth leaving her house on 201 Veteran, with friends from Pasadena, Minerva Griswold, Jane Hopkins and Virginia Hovey. Rita’s house, before she became a bigger star and moved to Beverly Hills, is still there on 201 Veteran. The small bushes seen near the doorway are also still there, fully grown now.  The exercise and health craze in California also alive and well. In fact for many, exercise is a way of life and a large part of our culture here on the West Coast.


I wonder if there are any “Woods” left in Los Angeles close enough to ride to ?


Rita and friends logged 10 miles that day.

Hearty and Economical Old Fashioned Beef Barley Soup


Last year, celebrities and famous people budgeted $1.50 each day for meals.  In an effort to bring awareness to global poverty.  All found they had to prepare meals & pack lunches.  Sounds like how people lived in the  1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s.  One had to prepare breakfast lunch and dinner.  Most did not eat out or have special diets, but people during the Great Depression were experts at stretching their grocery budget.  It is still pretty easy to eat a healthy meal on a budget with planning.  Tonight I made Beef Barley Soup and it cost about $1.50 each person.

$4.25 Steak
$1.00   Barley (1 cup)
$0.75  Broth & left overs, potatoes, onion, tomatoes, carrots, red pepper,.

My husband and I like to have cut up vegetables while watching hockey, so the 2 carrots, 3 strips of red bell pepper, and half a cup of cherry tomatoes were added.  Also added were 3 small potatoes and part of an onion.

Cut up the meat in small cubes, cook with barley in broth and I added the cherry tomatoes and onion to the broth for flavor, for 45 minutes.  Add sliced and diced, potatoes, carrots, & peppers to the broth, cook for another 15 minutes until the barley is cooked.  It was delicious.  My kids are not used to whole barley and asked for less, so 1/2 would suffice.  Other vegetables could be added like spinach or squash, to your liking.  Choose a cut of meat your family enjoys or try it with chicken, fish or tofu.  You can’t go wrong, it is inexpensive, easy to prepare, you use all the left overs, and it requires only one pan.

DSC08602  DSC08629

Make a Statement when you arrive….

The dramatic situation in a picture must be costumed according to the feeling of a scene…A jeweller, you know, shows his (or her) finest diamonds on a plain bit of black velvet” Adrian, costume designer 1926.

The black dress is perfect for Holiday, New Years and any semi-formal party.  Dress up or down depending on occassion and mood.  Try the Vickie for a sophisticated look, Alika Swing for whimsy, or the Stop Staring Billion Dollar Baby for a slightly more dramatic look, for the entrance maker wear the Tempest Storm Black Widow in either long or cocktail length.

vickie_black alika_blackblackwidow-shortblackwidow-gown

Drive In Movie Night!

We took our 1937 Buick to the Drive In Theater to see Unbroken. It was a grand night with swell friends and the car ran like a champ! Just seemed so right watching a movie through a split windshield! As for the movie, which was highly anticipated by me as I read and loved the book, it was a mixed bag. OK for a “war movie”, but devoid of the real complexity and original message of the book, so kind of disappointing. I wish Gary Ross had directed the film rather then Angelina Jolie. Gary Ross directed the movie made from Lauren Hillenbrand’s other book Seabiscuit which I also read, and he was able to capture the essence and multi layered weaving of Hillenbrand’s story on the big screen.  Jolie could not, or would not, I’m not sure which. It’s not a horrible film, just too simple and missing too much of the story. My advise, go see the movie, it’s not bad for a “war movie”, but for the full depth of Louis Zamperini’s moving story, go read the book!